Why We Still Manufacture

We are often asked by friends and customers alike why we still manufacture here in the UK as well as importing – “Why not close the factory and simply import everything so you can operate from a small unit with just offices and a warehouse?”.

Firstly we love what we do and manufacturing is in our blood, for at least the last 6 generations our family have been involved in making things in and around the Birmingham area.   As a company we have also been manufacturing for over 109 years and we’d like to continue to do so well into the future. There is nothing quite like seeing a coil of metal being transformed over a range of 12 processes into a finished article which can be anything from a corporate award badge to a helmet plate for Warwickshire Police.  We are also  delighted that we are helping to keep traditional skills alive whilst passing them on to the next generation.

We are also a family business and treat our employees accordingly, we even have more than one husband and wife team who work with us in our Birmingham factory. It is very important to us that we keep our skilled workers with us to continue our manufacturing heritage.

Our premium men’s fashion accessory brand Tyler and Tyler is based upon manufacturing our cufflinks and other items in house and our customers are buying a little piece of this heritage.  In other parts of the company we also manufacture for well known high street and designer brands who expect and indeed want UK manufactured goods.

The Badge Studio is part of the Shaw Munster Group and we operate across a wide and diverse range of markets.  Each part of the group was established to meet a specific customer need.  Although we would all like to buy something that is made locally, sometimes cost and budget is an issue and we created The Badge Studio to cater for this need .

It is precisely our ability to actually manufacture that gives us the edge over our competitors and the expertise to design and spec the right products to meet our customers’ needs.  Our manufacturing skills also give our customers the confidence to trust us and know that they are getting the right products and guidance to meet their needs, nothing more and nothing less.

We work very closely with our partner factories abroad and are always honest about where any Badge Studio Product is made, we won’t pretend that we have made it if it hasn’t been made in our factory, but we do pledge that it has been made fairly with no exploitation of labour or the environment.

All Badge Studio products are inspected and tested by our UK manufacturing team to ensure they meet or stringent high quality standards before dispatch.  Once in our UK factory, goods can also be put in display packaging and barcoded before being dispatched.

It’s also interesting to note that  a lot of our customers use our UK manufactured and imported products in unison depending on their requirements at that point in time.

For any of our friends or customers reading this little blog article we hope that you understand now why we continue to strive forwards with our diverse manufacturing business.

If you are interested in seeing how a badge is made please visit our website where you can see videos of our manufacturing process.

Let Us Help You!

With over a 109 years’ experience in badge manufacturing our friendly team are here to help advise you on the right product for your needs and budget- let’s make something great together!

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